It acts as a sign. It also gives passersby and pedestrians an extra private space to advertise yourself.

Sales Platform

The hydraulic platform, which can be opened and closed with a single button, has a carrying capacity of 300 kg.

Hydraulic Opening Doors

This system, which is used for lighting, ventilation and smoke evacuation, opens automatically. Covers are also found; Lift gate scissors (piston) with its two-part folded form in the middle, provides suitable use for the right side of the vehicle, the left side of the vehicle, and the rear of the vehicle in every direction.


Eliminating the negative effects of rain or wind provides ease of use. or positioned to minimize it. When the spoiler is opened, its front and rear facades are suitable for advertising purposes.

Remote Control Shutter Entry Door

It has the feature of being able to be opened and closed easily with a remote control. It provides high protection with its usage safety. It protects from adverse weather conditions and negative effects that may come from the outside.


In order to meet all the electrical needs of our vehicle, it is positioned as a slide on the side of the vehicle with a compact design. Thanks to this feature, it provides great comfort to the user. It is designed to be fed from external energy sources, if desired.

Water Tank

It has the capacity to meet the needs of the project and is made of plastic inside and completely stainless steel outside in different sizes. Double-layer stainless steel water tanks against the risk of freezing in cold weather, 30 mm thick and 40 kg / m³ density rock wool insulation. Can be connected to the external water inlet in the city network if desired.

LPG Tank

Tank mounted inside the vehicle; It provides an economical use for the LPG needs of kitchen, tools and equipment. Compared to other fuels, it is a very environmentally friendly system since it pollutes the environment very little.


It has been created for personnel entry and exit, non-slip and preventing the danger of falling. Each stair step has a carrying capacity of 200 kg. It is folded into the vehicle and collected, thus eliminating the negative effects of rain or wind around the vehicle exterior, providing ease of use.

Movable Service Bench

During the service, after the sales platform is opened forward, it is taken onto the movable service counter. In this way, the interior space expands as much as the volume of the service counter. It is fixed with a custom made locking system. Provides a convenient and comfortable service

Material Cabinet

It is a storage area where you can store the necessary repair shop equipment for the vehicle.

Wall Shelves

A stainless steel hood with filter is positioned inside the vehicle to remove the odor and steam that comes out while cooking.

Hot Water System

It is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for storing tools and equipment. With drawers, doors, slides, locks, etc. We apply different sizes and models of varieties in our vehicles according to needs.

Wall Shelves

They are wall-mounted shelves that are used in different sizes and dimensions, on which you can easily place your products.

Hot Water System

It works with electricity in accordance with European standards, heats the water coming from the network in seconds and delivers it.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning provides air circulation to keep the indoor air at the desired temperature, humidity, air circulation, cleanliness and freshness.

Napkin Dispenser

Cup Dispenser

Disinfectant Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Presentation Monitor 21”

Tape and Sound System

Fire Extinguisher (Aerosol Gas)

Fire Blanket

Upper structure

Upper structure made by white colored monoblock composed material for interior and outside. XPS vacuuming technic applied between interior and outside jackets


It is made of 80 mm insulated composed material.


130 mm thick polyurethane and top layer plywood plate and the floor covering is covered with a fully patterned, non-slip 2 mm thick aluminum sheet plate.

Back cover

On the back wall of the trailer, it is made of special aluminum material with a width of 2 meters for material loading and unloading purposes.


The inner part of the 60 mm thick composite panel is covered with stainless steel sheet. In order to protect the polyurethane insulation in the part of the cooking equipment, we apply a 30 mm thick ceramic insulation resistant to 1200 degrees and a stainless coating together.